My Life with God

Raise the Window

photo-1498936178812-4b2e558d2937I sat at a drive-through at one of the fast food restaurants that is on the not-quite-so-fast end of the spectrum. It was a hot day, and as soon as I ordered, I raised my window. I noticed the car in front of me still had its driver’s window down. The driver slung her arm out the window.

Every now and then, she shooed something away from the window. I then noticed there were quite a few sweat bees flying around, and several of them were flying in and out of her vehicle. She batted at them, and they kept coming. She inched forward in line when she could. They followed. She was still swatting at them as she sat at the window and got her food.

As she pulled away, she closed her window.

Why didn’t she close it earlier?

Don’t we do the same at times? Of course, we can’t get rid of every annoyance in our lives, and dealing with some unpleasant stuff challenges us to choose well at times. But what about when choosing well involves putting up a barrier between us and the annoyances that can sting us?

None of us live in a bubble, but we can certainly guard ourselves from some discomfort or threat. Perhaps you’re repeatedly swatting at something that could be dealt with by simply placing a barrier between you and it.

Consider the possibilities today. Raise the window – or lower it – whichever is best for now.

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