My Life with God

Who Has Time?

photo-1508962061361-bcb4d4c477f8I fixed supper for a few friends, and one of them shared with me how much her family appreciated it. She also used the phrase, “Who has time…?”

Who has time to fix supper? Who has time to read to their kids? Who has time to take a leisurely walk? Who has time to serve? Who has time to fold the laundry? Who has time to catch up with a friend over coffee? Who has time to….”

You fill in the blank. We all ask “who has time” regarding the things we feel we don’t have time to do. Sometimes we’re envious someone else has time that we don’t feel as if we have. Other times, we judge them as if they are not using their time wisely and are doing frivolous things, as opposed to our more important things.

But the answer to “who has time?” is always “every single one of us.”

We certainly choose to spend our time in a variety of ways, and isn’t that a good thing? That provides some balance for us all. We’re able to bring different things to the table, share, and live alongside others well. We don’t have to get territorial, resentful, or proud about it all. We’re not more or less important or valuable because of how we spend our time.

We need to spend our time wisely. It will sometimes feel constrictive; there are some sacrifices we have to make at times. But we also have a lot of freedom. We make a lot more choices about our time than we want to realize at times. The time God gives us is limited, and we are responsible for it.

Consider your time today. Are you living it well?

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