My Life with God

Response of Faith

I recently read, “Jesus meets us where we are, and…He faithfully shepherds us to the very end of our lives.”

When you know Jesus enough to grasp his character, the concept and truth in this statement is overwhelming. Because Jesus and his character are overwhelming. There are two perspectives to consider when thinking about Jesus shepherding us to the very end of our lives. First, there is the truth of what he does for us and everything that means. His character, pursuit, and faithfulness is not dependent on us. It is who he is. He can respond no differently. He is not like us. And that is the second perspective: what we do and the impact it has. Our character, pursuit, and faithfulness widely varies, both among and within us.

Jesus shepherds. How well do we invite and respond to him through the process? Trusting and following him well is constant. Of course, we wax and wane. We shouldn’t excuse the moments or seasons we meander or run away, nor should we dwell on them in unhealthy ways so that they rob the opportunities of faith immediately in front of us.

Knowing Jesus well is essential. So is authentically knowing our response.

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