My Life with God

Bonus Blessings

photo-1564784669814-7bf9b1f587ccMy daughter and I stopped by a fast food place for a quick snack before driving out of town. Her daughter was in the back seat. We pulled up to the window to receive our food, and the person began to hand us our drinks. About that time, my granddaughter sneezed. My daughter and I both said, “Bless you” at the same time. A few seconds later, she sneezed again, and we laughed (because she’s pretty cute when she sneezes) as we repeated “Bless you” in unison again.

The restaurant worker looked at us funny as she told us our food would be ready soon. Then we realized she probably couldn’t see or hear a baby in the back seat. We had just said “bless you” at the same times she handed us drinks. We started to laugh, thinking about how silly we must have sounded and how the story of the crazy Christians who came through and responded with “bless you” instead of “thank you” might become the story shared throughout the shift. My daughter suggested I take it one step farther and say, “bless you” when we received our food.

I couldn’t do it. I was laughing too hard.

Later, I thought about the second-hand effect of blessings. Many times, we bless others or others bless us, not out of intention, but out of nearness and simple interactions. I’m not referring to simple words but to attitude, actions, and sacrifices. In our humble interactions, we position ourselves to give and receive influence that makes a difference in lives.

In our interactions of pride, we also position ourselves to influence others.

We choose how we influence others and allow them to influence us by how we live our lives. No matter where you are, what you’re doing, or who you come in contact with, live authentically. Position yourself well and, in your humility, become a blessing to others.

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