My Life with God

Friday Night Sounds

photo-1485313260896-6e6edf486858Friday was the first home football game. I now live just a few blocks from the field.

I knew I’d be able to hear it if I was outside. Church isn’t too far from my home but a little farther from the field, and I’d heard games from there at times.

While I can’t clearly hear the details from my house, hearing the crowd’s excitement, the band, and the announcer was something I looked forward to when I moved into my home. I grew up in a football town, and to me, listening to the sounds of a game and seeing the lights in the Friday night give me a sense of community.

I like the sport, but it’s more than that. It’s the warmth of community coming together.

After spending some time outside, I settled into my home for the evening. I was surprised when I stepped outside to feed my pup and the game was still going strong later than I expected. I stood and listened for a few minutes.

This home of mine. This community. Oh, how thankful I am. It is often the little things that are the big things. When my people come together, it’s almost as if we multiply life together instead of simply adding to it. I am grateful for the sharing of life, whether it’s side by side or across several blocks.

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