My Life with God

No Proof Needed

photo-1453686062273-6257b9fde1ceThere are benefits to the current popular attitude that we don’t need to be concerned about what others think about us, but I think we need to be careful in how we apply it. After all, overlooking what others think can get rid of some unhealthy feedback we don’t need but also toss out some healthy feedback we need, even if it’s hard to deal with at the time.

Plus, the idea that we don’t have to prove ourselves to others can invade our lives so that we almost get stuck in a holding pattern. Even if we don’t have to prove ourselves, we need to lean forward into growth. We need to choose well.

We build our lives, our character, our reputation, and our influence one choice at a time. We make a poor choice (and every single one of us has…and will again). But what’s the next choice? Do we rationalize and excuse or do we reflect, apologize, humble ourselves, and grow farther because of our humility?

Likewise, when we make a good choice, how do we handle it? Do we repeat show-and-tell to make sure others know and we get affirmed, or do we reflect on what worked and sigh in contentment while leaning forward toward the next opportunity to learn and grow even more?

Maybe more proof is needed than we want to believe. Not in a performance-based, demanding way, but in a basic standards of growth and reflection way.

God’s opinion matters, and he won’t steer you wrong, so if you filter your next steps through his perspective, you’ll begin to see the right proof and purpose in your life.

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