My Life with God

Savor the Pace

20190824_071547A few weeks ago, I completed a 5K with my sister, brother-in-law, one of my sister’s friends, and a few thousand others.

It was the Indianapolis Colts Finish on the 50, where we started outside the stadium, meandered through downtown, and entered the Lucas Oil Stadium through the same tunnel the Colts enter for their home games. We finished on the fifty yard line (hence, the name of the race) and celebrated on the field the Colts would play a preseason game on later that day. (Race participants get a game ticket with their registration, which I think is a great way to get more people to a preseason game. As it turned out, this particular game would become eventful as the news of Luck’s retirement broke.)

20190824_081211It was an unusually cool August day, which we welcomed yet stayed in our vehicle a bit longer than we would have otherwise. We were still early to the start line area and meandered around for a while. As we watched people arrive and gather, it was fun to see such a casual crowd. Sure, there were a handful of serious runners, but most were there to enjoy the day with a group of family and friends.

I was enjoying family and a new friend, too. I enjoyed seeing the variety of people around me as we prepared for and completed the race. And we continued to see people when we went to a popular local restaurant. It seemed a great way to kick off fall even thought the cooler season isn’t quite here to stay yet.

As I enjoyed the day with my sister and her husband, I looked around and appreciated life and relationships multiple times. Sometimes we share grand adventures, and sometimes we share simple, everyday moments. Either way, the people around us matter. The relationships we foster matter. The time we spend together and the memories we make matter. Communities matter.

Be intentional with the way you share your day.

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