My Life with God

In A Fog

photo-1455706215209-d4acd8d33fa6I woke up in a fog, literally. I needed to drive nearly two hours, most of it before the sun rose, and I didn’t realize it’d be foggy. The nice thing about driving in the fog early in the morning when you live in a rural area is there aren’t many vehicles, but there is wildlife that seems to come out of nowhere on the nicest of mornings, let alone a foggy morning with limited visibility.

I focused ahead – as ahead as I could see. I scanned the sides of the road. I was attentive and intentional as I drove.

When my mind is foggy, I sometimes have the opposite reaction. I sometimes get distracted and lazy instead of attentive and intentional.

I want to change that. When I am tired or distracted or overwhelmed, I want to choose to focus. I want to look forward and scan what I’m approaching. I realize I can’t foresee every detail or obstacle, but I can do my best.

Perhaps you’re a bit foggy today. It might take a while for the fog to lift. What will you do in the meantime?

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