My Life with God

The Fluffy Bag

20190902_105741-1I’ll wrap up my luggage stories today. Perhaps this is my favorite.

I got off the plane at my destination and saw a young couple walking in the same crowd as me as many of us headed toward ground transportation. I noticed the fuzzy head of a large husky sticking outside a bag the man was carrying. All of his body was in the bag. It was one of the funniest things I’d seen in a while. It was also adorable. I couldn’t get a great photo, but perhaps you get the idea.

The husky seemed as happy as could be. He seemed relaxed and comfortable. He was quiet and well-behaved. But how heavy he must have been, slung over the guy’s shoulder! I wondered what adventures he’d had on his trip. I wondered who was more exhausted – the pup or the person who carried him.

And that made me think of the people we carry or who carry us. It’s usually only for a situation or season. But sharing burdens sometimes involves carrying or yielding most of the weight.

Be sure you’re aware of the burden you’re carrying for someone or the burden you’re placing on someone. It’s not always bad; sometimes it’s necessary for a while. But we still need to be attentive to it.

Enjoy the partnership, and have a great trip!

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