My Life with God

In the Center of Town

69266f0c4ff881bc4093f19e8ace0296For quite a few years, the entire Bible has been read outside the courthouse that sits in the center of the square in town. People signed up for 15+ minute shifts with each person picking up where the prior reader left off. The Bible was read 24/7 until the last word of Revelation.

A public reading of the entire Bible.

However, it wasn’t very public. Very few people noticed, let alone heard, someone tucked on the side of the courthouse, especially through the dark hours of night. So, this year, the people who organize it took a different approach.

One hundred people signed up to meet at the courthouse lawn at 2 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon. Each of us was assigned a portion of Scripture. We took lawn chairs and sat all the way along the courthouse sidewalks. And when the tower clock struck 2 p.m., we began.

Even though people read fairly softly to be respectful of people reading next to them, the murmur of so many people reading was powerful. It sounded like a beautiful symphony to me.

The more I read, the less aware of everyone else I was. I heard their voices, but I was focused on what I was reading. I was reminded of so many truths. I was reminded of God’s power. And as I wrapped up and closed my Bible, I looked up and was reminded of God’s presence.

In one hour, 100 people read through the Bible on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The rain had stopped long enough for us to read in the sunshine. I don’t know if anyone walking or driving around the square noticed, but for those who participated, it was a powerful experience.

Thanks, God.

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