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Flatter Your Context

photo-1536547895524-5200995a0931While in Chicago, my daughter and I decided to take an architectural river cruise. It was a beautiful fall day to enjoy a relaxing ride.

I learned a lot.

I enjoy Chicago. I enjoy visiting most cities – and most places for that matter. I like revisiting favorites and looking for new adventures. I’d been to Chicago many times, but I began to look at some aspects of it with a renewed perspective.

Our guide talked about several architectural choices that flattered the context. Buildings that complemented other buildings nearby. Buildings that visually pointed to or acknowledged something. Buildings that reflected the natural beauty around them.

That phrase, “flatter your context,” stuck with me. It’s a simple concept. Basically, consider what’s around you and respond in a way that respects and complements it.

Of course, I’m not saying every context we’re in is something that should be revered. We find ourselves in some contexts that we need to walk through or away. But there are ways to walk through or away well.. And the contexts we find ourselves in that are healthy, routine, temporary, and relational? Are we intentional about flattering the contexts? Do we disregard the contexts? Do we try to flatter ourselves more than what’s around us?

What photos do we take? What do we notice? What do we consider and build up?

Think about your contexts today.

3 thoughts on “Flatter Your Context”

  1. This sounds very interesting… Can you imagine what the world would really be like if we all, those of us who REALLY believe in God, would flatter God with our words, our lives and living! What a world this would be if everything in our lives, our walk and our talk was a reflection of His righteousness and His amazing word.

    ” For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile..Romans 1:16

    I love and NOW look forward to taking such a tour, but I can’t help but imagine how proud the Lord would be of us if the context of our everyday lives was saturated with His word and pointed others to Him. People ought see Christ in our everyday lives! We should be the salt of the earth and the light of the world, as Jesus taught us in His word. If everything we did and accomplished pointed chiefly to Christ, the Chief Architect and Wise Master Builder of our souls, this world would be a much better place…

    Thanks for this soul stirring message!!!

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