My Life with God

The Time of Trails

photo-1453402524241-409afa47033bIt doesn’t take long to create a trail of habit.

My pup trots a certain path between my back door and her pen where she sometimes sleeps and always eats. It’s a covered area that includes her house, a cozy bed, and a small pool in the summer. She has access to the entire yard, so she trots in many directions throughout the day, but I noticed the other morning that her most-traveled path is obvious.

We all have most-traveled paths. Some might be obvious and intentional: the most direct route between home and school or work. But what about other paths that might reveal some lesser known habits in our lives? Sometimes those habits are positive, and sometimes they’re not. What would others know about us if they saw the paths we were creating in our daily routines, even if behind closed doors, perhaps even within our own minds with our thoughts and attitudes? And what paths do we want to create that we’re not?

It’s worth thinking about today, not so you can rationalize what you are or aren’t doing or judge others but so that you can take responsibility and begin to let the grass grow where you’ve wrongly worn an unhealthy path and start to wear away the grass that needs to be paced over and over.

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