My Life with God

The Slow Day

photo-1569055191219-b84ed0315616I unexpectedly needed to be out of town for the day. I left in plenty of time for the almost two hour drive, But I forgot about a stretch of construction. What should have been the first 30 minutes of my trip turned into an hour.

About 20 minutes later, I hit another, shorter slowdown. I had planned to stop for a quick bite to eat when I got closer to my destination but decided my delays pushed that up a bit.

As the day continued, I seemed to cruise over quite a few speed bumps. I didn’t fly over them. They didn’t surprise. I tried to simply sit back and enjoy the pace. I sometimes catch myself leaning forward in anticipation and a bit of frustration when I encounter a string of delays, but I’ve found it’s often wise to lean back and enjoy the tempered pace.

I noticed a lot of details of what was around me. I enjoyed several surprises throughout the day. I found peace in the simple choice to respond well without adding mayhem with my attitude.

Slowing down helps at times. It’s a wise option at times. It’s a blessing at times.

Perhaps today is one of those times.

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