My Life with God

Nothing But Time and People

photo-1563195233-3a83cf6b8f2bThere’s something about being in a strange city on a rainy day with the sun pushing through the clouds that’s inspiring. I was going to have a bit more time than I had planned, but it excited me. I chose a warm place to hang out and write. I enjoyed the new sites and watched people who led different lives in different places, but I was confident we had some things in common. I settled in to write some thoughts as I enjoyed a warm drink.

You don’t have to physically travel to a new place to experience newness. Look around. There is freshness around you. Notice new details. Make some connections. Sit back and savor, while you simultaneously lean forward in anticipation.

Reflect authentically. Be honest and truthful with the people you know and the people you meet. Do life well today.


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