Divorce, My Life with God

Signs of Friendship

20191013_120740My friend and I laughed when we put our numbers together at McAlisters. We might confuse the servers and get our food switched, but we were pretty sure our orders would make their way to our table.

They weren’t exactly reversible or interchangeable, but they were close at first glance. I later thought about how our friendship is that way. We have a lot in common. We met halfway around the world in a place we both love. And we both enjoy travelling. We both grew up in central Illinois on farms. We both loved our dads and watched them go through health issues around the same time. We are both experiencing singleness at around the same age and struggling to figure it out.

But we also have different stories of how we got here. We have many different interests. We live hours away and don’t get to see each other often.

We ordered different meals that day after our slumber party and worship service but ended up with similar signs that we stuck into our table’s sign holder. We talked for hours before heading to our homes. We continue to stay in contact to encourage each other.

I appreciate our friendship.

God brings the best people into my life. I would imagine he does the same for you, too. Some friendships catch us off guard, and some have been there for so long that we can’t remember life without them. Some are short-lived but still irreplaceable. Friends bring so much in and out of our lives through many seasons. Friendships can be challenging for many reasons but are deeply rich for even more reasons.

Appreciate those around you today. Be on the lookout for budding friendships. Connections are not always easy to make, but when someone sticks, doing life together can be a great journey.


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