My Life with God

What a Deal!

photo-1563305589-3c582d447a99I work in a field that isn’t particularly well known for fun and games. But there are moments…

Most of us in the office like a good deal.

That might be an understatement.

So, when a co-worker returned from lunch with the surprise news that a local pizza place was selling their huge slices of pizza for just 55 cents until 3 o’clock, the wheels started turning.

My daughter and son-in-law planned to stop by my house after work, so I recruited another co-worker to ride along, so I could score two slices of pizza for a quick supper for them. We mentioned it to two others who decided to ride along. It never hurts to ask, so I decided to push the limit and asked if each of us could purchase two slices instead of one. That would equal about a half of a pizza each. The manager gladly expanded the offer, so we walked away with a lot of pizza for a total of $4.40.

Someone mentioned the free tacos being served at Taco Bell because of the World Series, and it was on our way back to the office, so…why not? We totaled what the food we scored should have cost—around $45. But we spent $4.40.

And we shared a brief but fun outing together away from the office.

What a deal!

You might not get free food today, but you’ll get a chance to make some memories. Choose them well, because sometimes the memories we make and the people we make them with are a pretty sweet deal.


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