Divorce, My Life with God

When It Falls Apart

2050799_0I don’t know why I find this humorous, but I do.

Perhaps it’s because I imagine some of the situations in which I or someone else might suddenly yell “Jenga.”

Perhaps it’s because I imagine the reactions of people around me or someone else who suddenly yells “Jenga.”

Perhaps it’s because I think of the ridiculous of it all.

Every single one of our towers in going to collapse at some point. We’re not very good builders, and we have people around us who are doing what they can for themselves and not helping our stability. (Yes, there are also people are most definitely help us stabilize a bit.) We think we know the best next strategic move. But we’re wrong some of the time. And the falling pieces affect not just our lives but bump and bruise many around us.

I love some of the building lessons in the Bible. The importance of building on a firm foundation (the wise man). Choosing the cornerstone well (Jesus). The importance humble leadership and committed community can play (Nehemiah and the rebuilding of the wall).

Imagining life as a Jenga game might humor me momentarily, but leaning into God’s building strategies gives me comfort. Honoring him with the next move is not always simple, obvious, or easy, but it is always good and trustworthy.

4 thoughts on “When It Falls Apart”

    1. Thank you for your kind encouragement.
      I typically set aside a block of time to write what I post each week. Sometimes I have to adjust that. I honestly feel as if I am writing in my mind and heart pretty much all the time as I experience, observe, and respond to life and faith.
      Blessings to you.


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