My Life with God

Why Matters

photo-1458419948946-19fb2cc296afI know very few people who would say integrity is not important to them. They value it in themselves, and perhaps even more so, look for it in others. But integrity isn’t just what we do. It’s not the decisions we make. It’s the reasons behind those decisions. Motivation matters. Two people might appear very similar on the outside by their habits or actions or words, but their intentions might vary greatly.

The “why” matters.

Your “why” matters.

It’s more challenging to change the underlying foundation that motivates you than it is to go through the motions or respond with what you believe will get the best results. The best results are measured more by the growth of your character and the strength of your integrity than the measurement of worldly success.

Pay attention to your motivations today. Be honest with yourself and authentic with others.

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