My Life with God

Screenery Time

Some of us behave as if screenery time is more important than scenery time.

I’m not simply referring to the amount of time we spend on our screens but the weight we give the content of our screens, whether it’s what we’re posting or searching and reading, and the purpose we find in the reason we’re on our screens. We give our screens a lot of weight. We attend to them often.

A friend recently shared how excited he was to get away from the screen and enjoy some scenery. He was taking a long weekend trip through some beautiful countryside. He would no doubt see much beauty on his journey. I was happy for him, because I knew he needed some refreshing time away.

We all do. But we can also find beautiful scenery in our daily lives—no matter where we live. Beautiful scenery doesn’t have to be grand and remote. It can be simple and familiar. In fact, that simple and familiar scenery often provides excellent context for our screen time. It’s nice to get away and enjoy new scenery that refreshes us; it’s also important to find and appreciate the beauty all around us and find refreshment in the daily.

Step away from your screen and enjoy the scene today—and every day.

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