My Life with God

Change The Route

photo-1449358070958-884ac9579399I planned to participate in a race through Forest Park in St. Louis. I signed up for the longer of two distances, but as I began with a family member, we shifted our plan.

We had a packed day planned. We started early and wouldn’t wrap up until well after dark. I’d likely get home around midnight, and we both needed to get up for work the next morning. We wanted to be able to walk all day without too much stiffness or soreness, so we changed our plans. We easily completed the shorter distance, then we walked through Forest Park to visit my favorite polar bear.

Sometimes it’s important to change our plans and our routes. We might get to the same place but in a different way and timing. We might have a completely different destination.

But something always stays the same. We don’t ditch it all. In some way, we keep what is important to us.

That day, what did not change was my intention to enjoy the day with someone I love, deepening our relationship and making more memories together. The specifics of the day could shift, but that focus would not.

Especially this time of the year—but if we’re honest, every single day—requires some flexibility. And intentionality. And purpose.

People are more important than plans.

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