My Life with God

The Lovely and Yucky

photo-1535381273077-21e00c27b1b7I sent a woman very dear to me a card to encourage her through some challenges. She messaged me to thank me for the lovely card. I replied to say I was (and am) thankful for our lovely friendship and the lovely person she is. But loveliness wasn’t the reason I sent the card. The reason behind the card was the yuckiness of the struggle she was going through. I didn’t like it and I wanted to brighten her day a bit.

The yuckiness was the tipping point, but I wouldn’t have sent her the card without the loveliness we’ve shared through the years. I suppose the loveliness becomes the constancy, the connection throughout seasons of struggles and celebrations. Loveliness doesn’t eclipse struggles and struggles don’t void loveliness.

Loveliness isn’t a put-on faccade. It’s a deep honesty and humility. It radiates from within. It’s authentic. And it is revealed over time. It makes our relationships richer, deeper, and more meaningful.

Consider who comes to mind when you think of “loveliness”—the heart kind. That person(s) is likely struggling with something or soon will. Reach out and encourage her. Cultivate the friendship. Share your appreciate.

And develop loveliness in the process.

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