My Life with God

Gracefully Broken

photo-1516571350010-5662511cb065There’s something about the phrase “gracefully broken” that speaks deeply to me. I’ve experienced different brokenness. Sometimes within the same situation.

For example, when my ex left our marriage, I felt shattered and beaten. My brokenness felt ill-intended and destructive. It felt dark,  but through and within that brokenness was something else. It was still difficult, but it was a process of being fractured into wholeness. It was pierced with light, truth, peace, and hope. It was a feeling of being gracefully broken. I faced a daily drudgery of dealing with the consequences of someone else’s decision. I often couldn’t see beyond the devastating ripple effects throughout the family. The light of my graceful brokenness seemed swallowed by the ugly, dark brokenness.

It wasn’t.

God continued to shine light on it all to reveal truth – truth about God, truth about me, truth about the situation.

And I am thankful for being gracefully broken.

God is good even when people are not.

Brokenness is not a bad thing as long as we trust God through the process.

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