My Life with God

Busy or Full?

06b79f51There’s a difference between busy and full. As people asked how my holidays were, I heard myself use the word full fairly often. I could have just as easily said busy, but that means something different to me. I might have a busy day at work, meaning I always have something waiting for me to work on, but I don’t necessarily think of those days as full. Fullness indicates more of an intention. It’s time infused with purpose.

The holidays were a bit of a whirlwind, but not the unsettling, disorienting kind. Quite the opposite. They were a wonderful whirlwind that reminded me of blessings and stirred my gratitude.

Considering the differences in whirlwinds, as well as the difference between busy and full, I’m reminded of how attention and intention can shape our experiences. There are still going to be some busy seasons, as well as unsettling whirlwinds; our attitudes can’t change reality. But our attitudes can drive our focus and affect our experiences.

I want to be honest about the experiences I have. I don’t want to fill my time and wonder why I’m exhausted and overwhelmed. I don’t want to miss out on the important moments and memories among my family and friends. I want to embrace the blessings, hanging on for a moment to savor them yet moving on to appreciate and anticipate more.

Ask yourself often if your life is busy or full.

It matters.

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