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Lots of Fluff


I ordered a birthday/Christmas gift for Axel, my daughter’s family’s gorgeous German Shepherd. For a giant, energetic dog, he is cuddly, gentle, and he likes his naptime. When he’s allowed on the couch, he sometimes gets to use a pillow, but he would prefer to not share. So, I ordered a pillow with an outline of a German Shepherd and the claim “Reserved for Axel.” I also ordered two books from the same company.

The books arrived, but the pillow did not. I waited about a week, then tried to track the package. It looked as if it stalled, but I couldn’t tell, because the all three of the ordered items had the same tracking number. When I contacted the company, they were equally as confused and assured me they’d look into it.

When I woke up the next morning, I had four emails from the company. One email let me know they’d reordered the pillow. The other three were ordered confirmations—each with a total of $0 but separate order numbers. I had no idea what was happening, but I didn’t want to risk them cancelling the wrong order and not getting a pillow, so took the “wait and see what happens” approach.

A few days later, I received a pillow. That was fast! I checked the order number, and it was the pillow from the original order.



I let the company know, but about a week later another pillow arrived. So, perhaps the three orders actually only involved one pillow. Buy one, get one was a good deal.

But it ended up being buy one, get four. Yes, when I pulled into my driveway a few days after Christmas, I saw three pillow-shaped packages by my front door.

Axel now has FIVE personalized pillows. That’s a lot of fluff.

I’m sure he won’t get to use them all at once, but he has a few back ups.

Sometimes we have customer service issues that benefit someone else. We have fight to resolve an issue. And sometimes, even if we don’t put much effort into it, we end up receiving more than we requested or needed.

We get lots of fluff.

Most of the time, it’s not literal fluff, like a pillow. It’s not even figurative fluff, like unwanted stuff. It’s simply abundance—more than we earned, expected, or deserve.

You have some fluff in your life right now even if you don’t recognize it. You might want to move some abundance from one area of your life to where you think  you could use or appreciate it more.

Accept it where it is. Accept it for what it is. Appreciate the abundance, and be grateful.

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