Family, My Life with God

The Lessons You Teach

photo-1478954755238-0bb0af1dc326As I walked toward the church building from the parking lot, I noticed a family I hadn’t seen in a while. The kids had grown a lot. They were grandkids of a man who passed away several years ago, someone I respected. He was ornery but compassionate, sassy yet abundantly kind and faithful.

His youngest grandson walked several steps ahead of me and his walk reminded me of his grandpa. As we approached the door, he glanced behind himself and noticed me, then held the door and greeted me (even though he doesn’t know me well).

That’s something his grandpa would have done, too.

I smiled.

He’s not his grandpa. He’s his own person. But he learned some things from his grandpa whether he realizes it or not—whether his grandpa realized what he was teaching him or not. I don’t doubt he learned a few not-as-great things, too. We all do.

Intentional or not, we teach others. Sometimes we teach them what they should do, and sometimes our examples serve more as warnings of what to avoid.

How are you influencing others? What’s prominent in your character? What do you see when others reflect your most consistent habits and priorities?

Who are you following and emulating?

What needs to change?

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