My Life with God

Piecing Scraps

Five years ago, I made flatty dogs for my daughters. Flatty dogs are sewn together with a variety of scraps, reinforced with interfacing before stuffed. The end result is an adorable dog that easily stands on its own. In the case of the ones I made, they were a reminder of many experiences in my girls’ lives. I used material scraps from clothes and blankets that spanned many years. I even got some pieces of the first quilts my mom made for them. I added in a few scraps of materials I’d picked up through family travels as children. I decided to make smaller versions for each of their girls for Christmas.

I had less time and materials to pull from, but I still had plenty. I added in a few of the fabrics they’d connect to each mom’s larger version. They didn’t know the significance, but it’s okay. They might enjoy snuggling with their dogs, or they might not, but I found joy in the process. As with nearly every sewing project I complete, I infuse the time with prayer for each recipient. To me, that’s more important than the resulting gift.

I’m a gift-giver. To me, it’s not about the gift as much as the process. It’s a reflection of a relationship. It’s a handing over of a piece of myself, whether I’ve spent time searching and deciding, sewing and praying, or listening and reflection. And then it is theirs to receive and use as they want.

Give the gift of yourself today.

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