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This I Know

photo-1551620122-3178ab6a6414I don’t know what you’re facing today, but I know this: God is good.

If you’ve followed my journey for long, you know I’ve faced some challenges in the past several years. I’m certainly not alone. Many people have faced and are facing a myriad of challenges. Especially since writing Fractured Into Wholeness, I am often asked how I’m doing or how I’ve walked through the betrayal, pain, and transition with an optimistic attitude.

I never want people to think that it’s been easy. I don’t want you facing your own crises with a resolution to stay positive and expectation it will all work out. It doesn’t all work out the way we want, and that’s okay. Your journey will likely not be easy. But it is possible—not because of who you are or what steps you follow or how determined you are.

Moving forward is possible because of God.

The more I focus on him, the more grateful I am. I’m not grateful for all the junk, especially the junk that continues to impact my family, but I don’t think God is all that pleased with some of the choices that stirred up that junk. We agree on that. He allows choice, and some choices he supports and builds upon, while others he works with and repurposes as we trust him to do so.

Gratitude isn’t a giddy feeling when things are going great. Gratitude is richer in the dark. It’s purer when chosen and fought for. I can be grateful for God and his provision while not comfortable with a situation. I can be grateful for God while not fully understanding the journey.

So can you.

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