My Life with God

Ten Years Already

export1495104985Ten years ago, my first published book, a Bible study titled Pure Purpose, released. It wasn’t intended to be published. I wrote a study to meet needs of women in church, and as we studied, I was prompted to share it with others as well.

I started blogging around the same time, as well as launching the Pure Purpose Facebook page. When my Timehop reminder popped up this week, I reflected for a few minutes.

A lot has happened in the last ten years. I have met so many women around the country, whether in person while speaking or through social media and blog post comments. I’ve gone deeper with women I already knew.

You have challenged me. You have encouraged me. I’ve grown, and I hope you have, too. There have been several times I’ve considered stepping back from online writing. With each published writing project, God seems to have to convince me more deeply because I know the commitment and humility that goes with the process. But I am thankful for it all, and I will continue to follow him—whether he spurs me to continue or prompts me to pause or stop.

I simply want to say thanks for being on the journey with me.


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