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Gift Ideas

photo-1528029320621-f02197f47774Are you looking for a gift? I’m a gifter and am always on the lookout for creative ideas. A gift doesn’t need to be expensive or large. It doesn’t have to be for a special occasion. A gift is an expression of your care for someone. Relationships are important. And while a physical gift isn’t always necessary, perhaps one of these ideas will help you encourage someone.

  1. Good Day/Bad Day. One of my friends sent me a Christmas gift with two small gifts inside. One was labeled “for good days” and the other “for bad days.” The good days gift was a pair a fun, bright sunglasses—our shared favorite brand. The bad days gift was a facial ice roller (something I never would have bought for myself but it has become a favorite…and not just on rough days). Two simple gifts, but the acknowledgement of the ups and downs of life (and a friend to be there for it all) was wonderful.
  2. Candy to Gift. As a friend was getting ready for surgery, her husband gave her a bag of wrapped candy and challenged her to give it away as people cared for her or needed encouragement. She had a blast sharing. It encouraged others and also encouraged her.
  3. Gas Cards. A friend found herself and her husband in a difficult situation. They wanted to support someone in the family, but that person was also being hurtful, and they needed to keep a respectful distance. They decided on gas cards. Their gift would help the person get to work and stay in contact with family but not get them too involved. What a generous gift when it might have been easier to help others involved but not the person who was causing the most pain.
  4. Starbucks. After training a client at work—a training she paid for—she handed me a $5 Starbucks card as a bonus thank you. She doesn’t even like Starbucks, but she keeps $5 cards in her purse to give to unsuspecting people. I plan to use mine on a Happy Hour day to buy one, get one and share with a coworker.

Each of these is not a huge gift but can encourage others. I know there are so many other ideas. Consider simple and creative ways you can give to others today.

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