My Life with God

The Wave of Prayers

photo-1537138844604-ed3f6b5e9637I’ve been praying through the Lent season with a small group of people at church. We’ve been using a book filled with prayers structured throughout each day, so we intentionally pause to pray throughout our daily routines. The introduction included a reference to the wave such patterned prayers create around the world. As people in different areas of the world pray at general times through the day, there is a collective worldwide wave of prayers.

I remember experiencing such time-aware prayers while visiting Israel. It was beautifully intentional to see people pause wherever they were or walk to and from the Old City where the temple used to be. It was purposeful time taken throughout the day in order to connect with God and provide a focus reminder.

As I considered the waves of prayer such individual intention around the world creates, I had two thoughts. First, community is often bigger then we think. It goes far beyond those we know or the community in which we live. Second, I imagined the common scene of people sitting in an auditorium or stadium and creating a wave that goes around and around the venue as people take a brief stand. There are always people unwilling to participate. Sometimes so many people’s refusal to participate makes the wave fizzle.

I don’t want to be one of those people. Do I live in a culture that causes the pause or fizzle in the wave?

I know prayer is not about a public display, but it always has an impact on my community, and that includes the world as a whole. It’s not because of who I am but who God is. But I have a responsibility.

I encourage you to explore that responsibility today.

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