My Life with God

What Is Capable

photo-1465853675985-083eb541409dWe can be capable but still need others—and God. In fact, perhaps it is our very trust in God that is a sign of how capable we are.

I was raised by a family and in a time when building girls up to be strong independent woman was valued. But that never took away the need I had for my parents and others. Being a strong person is not dependent on doing everything on your own; in fact, that usually leads to a poor foundation. Not a single one of us can provide completely for ourselves. Think about everyone you rely on throughout the day, whether it’s people you know or people who have gone before you and provided the practical things you need and use on a daily basis.

Learning to be responsible is good. Applying good social skills and learning to be a contributing member of society is important. But that involves compassion, humility, compromise, and cooperation. We solve problems together. We share ideas and resources. We become familiar with our strengths and weaknesses, and even though we can always learn and grow, we can be honest through the process so that we communicate well with others.

I’m a strong woman. I’m capable in many areas. And one of those areas is knowing God well enough to trust him to guide me each step of the way. He lets me know when to stand up and sit down, when to speak up and shut up. He helps me heal. He helps me sacrifice and be generous. He helps me correct and forgive.

He helps me be capable in everyday life, because without him, no matter how strong I appear or think I am, I go through life on shaky ground.

Consider what you’re building your life on.

2 thoughts on “What Is Capable”

    1. Right there with you! And sometimes, it helps me to remember it’s not that the overwhelming things seem less with him, but I can trust him to keep even the smallest things in perspective, whether it’s in timing, combination, or something else. I am so grateful for him yet have to be purposeful in how I pursue and trust him every step of the way.

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