My Life with God

Serious Blessings

Screenshot_2020-02-28-08-40-07I don’t know that I’m capable of accurately determining if a blessing is big or small. I appreciate many small things in my life, and the big moments often overwhelm me with gratitude. But it is all significant. I am thankful for each.

And I overlook some blessings.

That does not mean the blessings do not exist.

Just because we don’t acknowledge God in an area of our lives (or ever) does not negate his existence.

There are so many gaps in my life—in each of our lives—but those gaps do not swallow the blessings that create solid stepping stones for us. My ability to walk firmly on those stones fill my life.

Yes, my life is full despite the gaps. That seems contradictory, but it is not. When we acknowledge God’s provision, we sense the truth of “enough.” We can hope and persevere his “more.” His more is not the same as our more. We often long for what we feel we are missing instead of trusting God’s purposeful provision.

Never fill gaps with the wrong things. Never replace one thing with what cannot and should not fill the space. That gap might very well be your blessing for now and keep room for the blessing to come.

You are blessed. Seriously. You are seriously blessed.

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