COVID-19, My Life with God

Always Time

photo-1478980236323-01c287f81aedHow much time are we wasting? How intentional are we with time?

We do a lot of rationalizing when it comes to how we choose to spend time, then we complain there’s not enough. The challenges of COVID caused some of us to slow down and reflect on time. Or maybe some of us didn’t reflect; perhaps we just chose to wonder more, chill more, worry more. Of course, those same challenges caused others’ time to overflow with responsibilities and added pressures.

And now? There are shifts and adjustments, but I wonder how intentional we are. Are we simply trying to return to the same schedules? Are we forgetting the lessons we learned (or could have learned) and just trying to press forward? Or are we even moving forward or trying to rewind to a time we can’t get back?

It’s never too late to learn. We can go deeper. We can look at the long-term, not just what we want to do right now. We can look beyond our usual reach. We can heal relationships. We can have the difficult conversations. We can be humble. We can pursue new adventures and relationships. We can grow.

I find it doesn’t take long to get out of healthy habits, but it takes a while to develop or restore them. I want to constantly settle into God’s presence, because to me, there is no better use of time. It looks different at times. Sometimes it’s a retreat from…and sometimes it’s a pursuit into…

It’s always enough, because God is. Through these next transitions, let him nourish and prepare you.

He will.

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