COVID-19, My Life with God

Clean Hands

photo-1515378889076-1cd6121c83ebWash your hands.

It seems obvious, right? There are so many posts and comments about hand-washing, whether it is reminders to do it regularly, instructions on how to do it well, suggestions on how to do it creatively, or jokes about the (assumed) many who are just now applying the practice because of health threats.

What if we were as intentional about washing our hands all the time? Your habits in sickness and out of sickness threats might be similar, but I assume you are at least thinking about it more often.

I’m not referring to physically washing our hands. Consider the spiritual implications.

We cannot keep our hands clean. We consistently need God to correct us, clean us, and prepare us for the next step. Our hands will consistently get dirty, whether we see the dirt or not, whether we intentionally choose to dig into dirt or not.

Are you as intentional about what your spiritually contact throughout the day as you are about what you are physically touching each day right now as we face a viral health crisis? Are you as aware about your spiritual habits as you are about your cleaning habits recently?

Just food for thought for your day.

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