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The Legal Definition

photo-1563135629-4850a3517799Is there a legal definition of common sense? If not, I think there should be, because it seems to be elusive. People need help. Even the people who have and apply common sense need help because of all the people who don’t have it, or perhaps worse, stubbornly choose not to apply it.

Here’s what I found:

COMMON SENSE, med. jur. When a person possesses those perceptions, associations and judgments, in relation to persons and things, which agree with those of the generality of mankind, he is said to possess common sense

I’ve written before: common sense is not so common.

I know I don’t have/apply it at times. I’m glad I have others to remind me.

I think the most frustrating to me is when people who I’d expect to have common sense foolishly set it aside and proudly move forward with stubborn sense instead.

Pride is not attractive. It certainly attracts attention and perhaps spurs accolades at times. But pride doesn’t attract the right attention. It repels that which is most deeply and reliably valued. Pride is foolish.

Having access to common sense and not applying it is nearly as foolish as setting aside truth because it is inconvenient or uncomfortable.

Common sense is not a blind acceptance of group think. It’s not choosing a group to follow and trusting everything proposed by that group (and rejecting anything not proposed by the group). It’s better than that. It’s simpler yet deeper.

Refuse to set it aside. Refuse to put yourself above it.

Use common sense.

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