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Faith in Place

photo-1522125821900-86543177846fThe mission of the church I attend is Love God. Love others.

It’s basically the mission of the Christian life. I hope I live it out whether connected to the church or not, but in this shelter-in-place season when we’re not live and in person together on Sunday mornings, gathering then dispersing into the community to live out our faith, what does that mission look like outside our routine?

Yes, I know. Faith should always be applicable outside our routine. Wait.

Faith should always be applicable.

Faith should always be.


We’re all pretty much outside our routines, but that doesn’t matter when it comes to faith. Let the interruption grow you. Meet the challenge. Be creative. Reach out. Encourage others. Dig deep into God’s truth. Listen to him.

Grow beyond your assumptions, comforts, preferences, and expectations. Use this time wisely. Ramp it up.

And Love God. Love others.

4 thoughts on “Faith in Place”

  1. I always giggle at the word “routine”. Because my routine is anything BUT that. The closest I came to a “normal “ was when I worked as the pediatric sedation nurse and was off on weekends. The hours still varied slightly depending on the needs of the day. After 7 years of that it was tough to go back to 12 hour shifts, weekends and holidays. But now that I have been doing that for 10 years, I just have learned to treasure my days off. If God wants me in a different job, he will open that door. So far it has remained firmly shut. (Not that I haven’t tried!) Sometimes faith is just obedience. A hard pill for us to swallow.

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    1. Yes. One of my good friends is really struggling with now in a position that is unhealthy. But the door to move somewhere else seems firmly shut…at least for now.We just continue to pray, and she diligently does her job and tries to be an encouragement. Praying for you “in the meantime” as well!

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      1. I have found that sometimes it is other personalities at work that eventually move on. I also have learned to be better, to not absorb toxic tendencies myself and keep praying!
        Thank you-your prayers are coveted!

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