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You Can Share

photo-1462518461546-dfaf9f1a616aThere’s something you can share with your neighbors today. Of course, we have to be careful and be respectful of distancing. I’ve baked cookies (but made sure I took every precaution as I baked and packed them) and delivered them to neighbors and friends around town. Just a small container, placed in a plastic bag and left just outside the door. I text or call the person after I leave to let them know to take them inside and take them out of the bag, then wash their hands just in case. I disinfected the container before placing it in the bag, but doing it again won’t hurt.

I have a lot of tulips at my house, and they never seem to last long. As they hit their prime, I cut a bunch and separated them into bunches, wrapped the cut stems int wet paper towels and place them in plastic bags. Again, after delivering them, I made a quick call/text. Several people sent me photos of their fresh bouquets at their tables.

I’ve delivered masks, groceries, and ice cream treats. I rarely see any of the recipients face to face, but that’s okay. The joy is in the giving.

Share a good book, a puzzle, a kind note, a few photos of past memories together. Give a gift card to a local restaurant. Plan a picnic with a neighbor and sit on either side of the fence together. Take a chair to sit on the front porch or deck while the other person sits inside. You can hear the other person through the screen door.

Keep reaching out to others. Even as some of our cautions loosen, many people still need to stay isolated in order to protect themselves. Protect them, too, but don’t isolate them.


2 thoughts on “You Can Share”

  1. I just wonder what isolation and fear are doing to people. Mental health is just as important as physical health. People NEED people. I’m sure once the dust clears, we will see what damage was done during this whole thing. It’s pretty sad.


    1. Of course, there will be consequences; there always are. We cannot avoid them. Yes, we need each other, and we’ve had to get creative in how we reach out. It is difficult, but as we abide in Jesus’ presence, we find purpose and strength within (and even because of) the challenges. Let’s keep our focus on him!


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