My Life with God

True Perception

photo-1550263305-c8851928f1f5Perceptions can be convincing. We affirm feelings as valid, and they are. If we feel fear, it’s what we feel. No one can argue with that. If we feel jealous, it’s what we feel. No one can argue with that. If we feel angry, it’s what we feel. No one can argue with that. It’s important to validate our own and others’ feelings, because it is respectful. We acknowledge another person’s perception of an experience.


Just because we feel fear doesn’t mean there’s something to fear.

Just because we feel jealous doesn’t mean there’s a substantiated reason to be jealous.

Just because we feel angry doesn’t mean someone else has caused anger in us.

When we act in response to those feelings without a truth check, we might be able to justify our response, but we might do a lot of damage in the process. Instead, we need a truth check.

Our perceptions can be convincing, but God knows the truth.

God tells us the truth if we’re willing to filter everything through him, including our feelings or perception of a situation.

Identifying your emotions and letting others define their emotions is helpful. It gauges where you are. Yet emotions should be indicators not absolute measurements. Emotions are a “moment check.” God keeps the moments in the broader context of truth.

So many people do damage to themselves and people they care about because of actions taken in response to a statement, “I feel, therefore, I will…”

Be wiser than your emotions. God gifted you with them to enhance life, not drive it. Truth is the better driver.

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