COVID-19, My Life with God

A Needed Break

photo-1571772932221-20e9c1a49699I needed a break in my routine. I felt cynicism and negativity creeping in and taking root.

It took me a couple days to settle in and give my mind and heart enough space to feel as if I could regain my breath and strength—but it happened.

I know I can allow that healthy space even when everything around me is chaotic, but every now and then, a change of venue and schedule helps. In this case, it certainly did.

I needed a check-in. I needed to loop back onto some care, healing, and sacrifice. I needed to regain a healthy focus.

I needed a strong dose of truth. That’s often difficult for us to get when we are in a chronically uncertain season or a monotonous, exhausting one.

If you’re feeling the discouraging “yuck” creeping in, pause. Shift something in your routine. Make space. Check in with God. Trust the feedback he gives you even when it’s not easy. Make space for his encouragement.

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