My Life with God

Through the Masks

20200422_121103-1I took some time off work and looked forward to connecting with my mom. It would look much different than usual. We hadn’t spent time together since well before the shelter-in-place order due to several factors. We talk every day, so it’s not as if we aren’t up to date on each other’s lives, but I prefer to see her face-to-face.

We had briefly seen each other when we met between our two towns in order to exchange some things, but we only stood well-distanced from each other in a parking lot as we wore masks. It was good but difficult. We later talked about how difficult it was to walk away without giving each other a hug. It’s not as if we hug absolutely every time we’re together, but to know we couldn’t emphasized it. At least when I went to her house, we would be together a bit longer.

And I use the term “together” loosely. I didn’t go in the house. I did some work outside while she gave me direction every now and then. But at least we saw each other and spent some time chatting and working, which is something I always enjoy during when I am at her house, my childhood home.

She ordered lunch, and I drove to town to pick it up. When I returned, we enjoyed lunch and conversation at a farther distance since we could only eat unmasked. My mom sat on one side of the sunroom, and I sat on the opposite side by the open door on the steps. It was odd, and it was wonderful.

We’ve all been facing challenges. We’re separated from people. When together, we wear masks. We protect each other. But sometimes our precautions, including distancing, make us more intentional about our connections. We might better appreciate the opportunities we have. We might be more creative. We might reach out to check on people we might not otherwise connect with, and as we connect and help others, we hopefully appreciate what we can do for and with people far more than mourn what we cannot.

The morning spent with my mom was beautiful and refreshing. What a blessing.

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