My Life with God

The Beautiful Symphony

photo-1506031186041-3af30076d87fI knew several people were praying for a specific situation.

I know multitudes of people are always praying over a multitude of situations, praying to one God. We raise our voices, we give our thoughts, we share our concerns and gratitude. We are separate but together.

We have friends around the country and world, and we share prayers across the miles. We go to God on our own yet alongside others. Even more so, we have strangers around the world (and next door) who we pray alongside.

We create a concert of prayer, a beautiful symphony of prayer.

We don’t know the right words to say. Sometimes we can’t speak a word at all. We get off track and often speak way too many words and get off track.

But we offer it all to God. We offer ourselves and others. We try to give it all. We try to be humble. We try to be faithful. We get it right, and we get it wrong. But when we take it all to God, it’s beautiful. In its raw uncertainty, it is beautiful.

Pick up the instrument of prayer. Join the beautiful symphony wherever you are today.

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