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Are You Getting Enough of God’s Word?

Many of us feel we get “enough” of the Bible. Sure, we could study more, ask more questions, and certainly know more about the Bible, but when will we fit it into our schedules? We’re overwhelmed the way it is. It’s not that we don’t want to know the Bible better; in fact, we plan on it…when things slow down. The problem is: Life doesn’t slow down on its own.
We’re not enslaved by a busy schedule. As much as we want to cry “I’m a victim and just have to do the things I do,” we have more choices than we care to admit. Such an admission puts some responsibility back on ourselves, and in the middle of that never-ending busy “season,” we just can’t handle the pressure and guilt of thinking we have more control than we want to take.

So, the cycle continues. We want to know the Bible better, but we just can’t seem to find the time. Plus, we get “enough.” After all, we go to church…fairly regularly. We follow popular Christian bloggers. We like and follow encouraging social media people who post verses and quotes that help us through the day.

But how do we know the truth and context of what is being posted if we’re not able to compare it to the truth of Scripture? Not that any pastor, teacher, blogger, or social media friend would intentionally steer us wrong, but each person is absolutely capable of misunderstanding and miscommunicating God’s Word. Or perhaps the timing we think is so perfect because of the comfort it gives us is, in reality, our misapplication of the truth someone else is sharing.

In order to identify something false, we have to know truth.

So, how do we do that when we’re so busy? How will we ever get to know everything we need to know in the Bible? We don’t have the time, energy, or money to get a degree in the Bible, so why not let the experts teach us what we need to know?

Because they can’t. First, even experts don’t know it all. Second, no one knows specifically what you need from God’s Word and when you need it…except God. He wants you to dig into His Word, not because He wants you to gain a boatload of information about Him, but because He wants you to know Him. The Bible isn’t a collection of information and stories. It’s one way He reveals Himself to us. We don’t read the Bible as a self-help book to cure all our woes; we explore it because we draw closer to God through it. His Spirit guides and pours into us as we interact with Him. He opens our eyes, ears, and hearts.

No matter where you are and how daunting God’s Word is to you, start somewhere in it today. While it’s certainly convenient to have a Bible app on your phone, use it for quick references when you’re on the go. For daily reading, if possible, use a printed Bible. You probably have one or more sitting around collecting dust. Start somewhere. Anywhere! Don’t get paralyzed by trying to figure out the perfect reading plan for you. Don’t get discouraged because you miss a day. Don’t give up because you don’t understand something or know how it might apply to life today. Keep reading. Interact with God. Take notes if questions and highlights come up. Pray when you feel challenged, nourished, or doubtful. Ask a friend to help you with accountability and encouragement as you develop a new habit of reading the Bible regularly.

You and only use are responsible for your relationship with God. You can’t complete a workbook , sermon series, or a class and check the box of “Bible study” as complete. You can’t have enough of God’s Word, because you can’t have enough of God. Not in this lifetime.

No more excuses. No more spiritual laziness. God already knows where you are and what you need. Let Him nourish you.

Start today.

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