COVID-19, My Life with God

Exit Strategy

photo-1584707824245-f67bad2c62d5I realize we’re not close to being “beyond” COVID-19 concerns. Depending on where we live, we might be able to claim we’re beyond or soon-to-be-beyond the crisis even though we will have concerns for quite a while. We need to consider what we’ll take away from it.

Fear? Caution? Compassion? Empathy? Selflessness? Community? Pride? Fight? Brokenness? Healing? Distrust? Faith?

I suppose I can’t call it an exit strategy, since it’s not going to be the same as walking through a door into the sunlight. It’s a longer process than that. Perhaps it’s a moving-onward strategy.

Some people will take their next steps with debt, unemployment, grief, recovery, abuse, regret. Some will take their next steps with gratitude, relationships, focus. What are we willing to take out of this with us, and what will we willingly leave behind? What will we trust God to heal and provide over time? What will we sweep under the rug? How honestly will we look at what the process reveals to us? If we’re honest with ourselves and with God, how persistent will we be in allowing our experiences to be reshaped to help us grow?

God might have cleared your path through some of this, helping you refocus on him as you move forward. For others, the path might seem more littered than ever; you might have no idea how it can be cleared enough, and you might want to give up and try another way.

Stand still for a moment. Take a deep breath. Ask God for your next steps. Then trust him to help you. He will change you, and change is often not easy or comfortable.

His way and purpose is worth it.

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