My Life with God

Best Editor Ever

photo-1520871942340-42898ab9167fFor a writer, the editing process can be stressful and frustrating. It is also essential.

I’ve had excellent editors and mediocre ones. I’ve been on the editing side as well, and it’s not easy. It’s a balance between accomplishing a task to finish a process and communicating well with a person who is deeply connected to what you hold in your hands (or see on your screen).

For me, the best editor is the Holy Spirit. God is the one who, when I invite him, filters what I’m thinking before I write or say it, guides my word choice and timing, and convicts me when I need to delete, expand, or apologize. It’s odd to me how many faith communities downplay the Holy Spirit, who invites such a personal, intimate relationship with God. Perhaps it’s just too much for some, or too mysterious. And for us recovering control freaks, it’s a bold choice of trust. It’s not just handing over control, it’s admitting we don’t have control anyway.

I can’t say the Holy Spirit’s edits are comfortable all the time, but they are always right. There’s never a discrepancy or argument. There’s simply truth. There is consistency, trustworthiness, wisdom, and boldness.

All you need is a humble faith.

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