My Life with God

The Chatter

photo-1562087477-ecddd8d5b321A friend in ministry, with whom I have little contact since she moved across the country, reached out to ask me to serve as a guest on her podcast. I was honored, but I hesitated, perhaps because the invitation came on a particularly noisy week.

There was so much going on, and it seemed the world was shouting. I wasn’t sure I wanted to add to the chatter.

What could I share that wouldn’t get lost in the vast voices? What could I share that would make a difference?

I decided that wasn’t reason enough to say no. There are other reasons to say no, but I needed to give it a bit of time and consideration.

I knew what I could share that would be of additional value, not additional noise: Truth. Sure, some people might hear truth as noise, but that doesn’t make it unworthy of being shared. I’m not saying truth isn’t being shared. It is. Some of it is lost in the cacophony of voices. Much of it has an impact, even if only in intimate circles. I know there is a lot of truth I don’t know. I don’t have all the answers. I’m not an expert. But that doesn’t disqualify me from seeking and knowing some truth and being willing to continue to seek and know and share truth.

You know I’m a seeker of truth if you’ve been following my blog for long. You also know it’s been (and continues to be) a journey. I’ve said many times the down side to being a writer is documenting thoughts I might look back on and wonder what I was thinking. But maybe that’s okay. First, it reminds me that growth is a process, and I can constantly grow if I’m willing. Second, it reminds others that growth is a process, and each of us can constantly grow if we’re willing.

Let’s be willing.
Let’s seek and share truth.
Let’s listen and change and grow.

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