My Life with God


photo-1524634659287-07de7c333bedI blog reader recently commented, “I also have learned to be better, to not absorb toxic tendencies myself and keep praying.”

To not absorb toxic tendencies.

The phrase stuck with me.

It can happen with work, family, friends, and even ourselves. Whether we surround ourselves with the wrong things, brush against the wrong things, or feel surrounded by the wrong things and are surprised and confused how it happened.

It happens.

At times, we don’t even realize it. It creeps in so slowly, the toxicity seems normal to us. We might not even want out of it. Perhaps  it (in our minds) helps us, encourages us, supports us in a dysfunctional cesspool of sludge.

I’m not talking about uncomfortable situations that can be worked through. I’m not talking about hurt feelings that can be healed. I’m not talking about the situations that some intentional effort and humility can move forward.

The best way to identify toxicity is to be well-aware of what is healthy and truthful. Truth is the best water-proofing for toxicity. You will more readily identify and resist it.

We can’t live our lives free of toxicity, because we interact with people. We all have issues. We all struggle through seasons. Just because someone is toxic in a season or situation doesn’t mean they or the circumstance is helpless. Even if we lived in isolation, we run the risk of our own toxicity. We can’t fully avoid toxicity, but we can cope with it well. We can be intentional in naming and diluting.

Take an honest look at what’s happening in your life right now. Identify the toxicity and make a healthy plan to resist it. Be diligent. Be honest. Be patient. Be bold.

And pray. God will give you guidance, wisdom, and provision you need.

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