My Life with God

Rugged Faith

photo-1529928844970-ce9824142f81I recently heard someone refer to “rugged faith.” It struck me. I immediately wrote it down to consider later. I want my faith to be ready, tested, grown through life experiences.

I decided to look at the definitions of rugged.

  • having a broken, rocky, and uneven surface
  • strongly made and capable of withstanding rough handling
  • having or requiring toughness and determination

Yes, I want rugged faith.

I have seen rugged faith.

I have felt rugged faith.

I have chosen rugged faith.

I am broken and uneven—and trusting God to heal the brokenness and smooth the unevenness in his time and process.

I am strong and capable of withstanding rough handling, because God created and provides for me. He determines my resiliency.

I have toughness and determination because I have faith in a sovereign, capable, trustworthy God.

It’s a process, because faith is a process. It is a choice and a million choices to follow.

Make a bold choice toward rugged faith today.

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