My Life with God

One Road, Several Directions

photo-1555729257-ab49902df736I was on my way home from an out of town work day, travelling a lightly-trafficked road in a little pocket of three cars. We arrived at an intersection in a line, and each of us went a different way. I probably wouldn’t have noticed, but it was curious to me since none of the three directions lead to densely-populated areas.

It’s funny how we can to be on the same road but end up taking very different paths at some point. The opposite is true as well. We can be travelling separately then merge together. Of course, I’m not referring to short drives in cars but the people with whom we do life. Relationships have seasons—some brief and some close to lifetime’s long. Sometimes the travelling we do with others is minimal, a brief interaction or glance. Sometimes the travelling is rough. Sometimes it is a highlight reel. Sometimes it seems to drag on, and sometimes it’s abruptly cut short. Sometimes we hardly remember the time together, and other times, we vividly recall moments of the ride—whether good or bad.

Pay attention to those around you. Stay alert, and notice the people in your season.

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