My Life with God

To Give or Get

photo-1529070538774-1843cb3265dfDo you go to church to give or to get?

Perhaps you don’t go to church at all, whether that’s your practice or just the season of life right now with everything happening around us.

But if you do or if you have, do you anticipating getting or giving?

Of course, most of us would immediately proclaim our intention to give, but let’s truth check ourselves. We often want our expectations to be met. We want to experience certain things. We want familiarity and comfort, or we want to be challenged, or we want to be affirmed. What do you expect when you attend? And do you attend, or do you participate? Are most of the things you expect provided by people or by God?

Where is your focus? What are your priorities? Can you honestly say you want to give to more than you get from the church?

A little something to consider today. 🙂

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