The Perspective to Follow

photo-1483560403379-e98150f47baaI drove on a country road on a sunny morning. I saw an eagle flying overhead, and it’s shadow seemed to lead me down the road. The shadow shifted from one side of the road to the other, growing and shrinking in size as the eagle dipped and soared. After a full minute or so, the eagle veered just far enough so that the shadow fell off the road.

That eagle had a higher perspective than I did that morning. I wondered what he could see that I couldn’t. He could see critters I couldn’t. He could see other roads or trails. He could see into the treetops, as well as glimpse other creatures in the sky.

We need to follow people who have a better view than us. They can lead us with insight we simply don’t have. Yet it is also important for us to keep an eye on where we are. Our perspective is important to where we are, but we also need help with clues of the next best decisions for moving forward, slowing down, pausing, or detouring.

We can’t duplicate another’s journey, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t consider a higher perspective. Of course, be careful who you follow. I’ve seen vultures along that same road, and trusting their lead would simply end up in a place of stench.

Sometimes it’s hard to discern what we’re following when we only look at the shadow. We need to look at the source of the shadow. We need to look for the truth instead of the image reflecting the truth. We need to not simply see what we what to see and assume what we want to be true. We can talk ourselves into just about anything, including who we follow and why.

Who are you following, and is it a wise choice?

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